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Ian O’Boyle: In Defense of Basketball Ireland

“I’ve read this article and thread with some interest. Although not knowing the exact intricacies of the situation with leagues/activities operating outside of Basketball Ireland’s jurisdiction, I have to come to their defense a bit on this one,” writes Dr Ian O’Boyle.

Basketball Ireland: No Representation Without Taxation

Basketball Ireland quietly announced on Friday via their Facebook page that “A new Basketball Ireland bye-law passed by its Council has clarified the organisation’s position on unregistered activity.” It was accompanied by a link to the Basketball Ireland website which introduced the new bye-law. You can read the bye-law in full below:

Roy Downey: Everything Comes Full Circle? [+AUDIO]

Roy Downey explains how he learned to love the game, which players he aspired to growing up, and then concludes by answering the question, “What has happened to the great Neptune Basketball Club?”

Susan Moran Talks Irish Hoops & National Team

Cool feature with Susan Moran, calling into a Midlands Radio show to talk Irish hoops and how she was named the No. 1 Greatest Irish Women’s Player of All-Time! Moran, who has been in the USA for over 14 years, also voices her disappointment over the removal of a Senior Irish National Team program.