NBA Draft: who will your team take?

The NBA draft awaits us this Thursday with seemingly one of the deepest drafts in recent memory awaiting us.

The Minnesota Timberwolves seem likely to select Kentucky’s Karl-Anthony Towns with the first overall.  The Wolves have apparently made former 1st overall pick Anthony Bennett available for trade. The other candidate for 1st overall is Duke big man Jahlil Okafor, with other big names including Latvian seven-footer Kristaps Prozingis, Ohio State’s rangy point guard D’Angelo Russell and Barcelona’s Croatian swingman Mario Hezonja.

Belfast Star: Loving the Game for 50 Years

Belfast Star logo

Fans of existing books on Irish basketball, such as the history of Neptune or Rus Bradburd’s “Paddy on the Hardwood” will be exited to learn that Belfast Star are publishing a commemorative book as the club celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.  A press release issued by the club is copied below, including details of the launch at Belfast Castle this Wednesday!

Calo’s Cavs Conclusion: A Letter to LeBron

Dear Lebron,

Thank you so much for everything you have done in the last 12 months.  Thank you for the countless millions you have brought back to Northeast Ohio and for having the city of Cleveland talked about daily in countless media outlets.  Thank you for making Matthew Dellavedova, Tristan Thompson and Timofey Mozgov household names. 

TCC Book Club: Jordan and Iverson

Summer is here, the Wingfoot Summer League awaits all eager participants and, most importantly, there is no other organized basketball on offer to any of us other than the WNBA.  So, while we all wait for the chance to commence preseason hill sprints in Barnett’s Park (I tell you, no coach had me in better shape for a preseason than Darren O’Neill), you might be interested in a bit of summer reading.

NBA Finals 2015: Where now for the Warriors and Cavs?

The Cleveland Cavaliers finally ran out of gas, despite a JR Smith-led late burst in game 6, and the Golden State Warriors are the 2015 NBA Champions.  Looking at the two sides, it really shouldn’t even have been as close as it was.  The Cavaliers were ravaged with injuries to key players, notably Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Anderson Varejao, while the Warriors had a full roster to select from.  The Cavaliers, of course, had the self-professed (and who can really argue with him) “best player in the world” in LeBron James and that was almost enough to win the title.  Almost.

The Real MVP?

Now that game 6 is upon us, I’ve read more articles and seen more posts about who people think the Finals MVP should be WHEN the Golden State Warriors win the title and frankly, that bothers me. Lebron James has willed his team into a position of winning the NBA Championship. The numbers he’s putting up are staggering, even more staggering than the video game stats he usually puts up. But the fact that people are now assuming that he should be the MVP from the losing squad completely diminishes Lebron’s maturation as a poised, attacking, leader. Yes, this Cavs team is injury-riddled and overmatched talent wise, but five days ago we were all marvelling at Dellevedova’s heart and at Tristan Thompson’s motor and at Lebron’s patience with the ball and ability to insert his will in this series. So, to dismiss these Cavs after losing games 4 and 5 doesn’t seem right. Same way it didn’t seem right to dismiss the best team in the NBA after they lost games 2 and 3.

LeBron is the finals MVP and it shouldn’t be close

LBJ: A Man on a Mission

LBJ: Finals MVP?

The Bill Russell award goes to the Most Valuable Player of the NBA finals and, since its inception, has been awarded to 28 different players.  Michael Jordan won it six times, Magic Johnson, Shaq and Tim Duncan have won it three times and Willis Reed, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have all won it twice.  On every occasion since 1969 the winner of the finals MVP (renamed in 2009) has also won the NBA title.  On the very first occasion that the award was given, however, in 1969, it went to Jerry West of the Los Angeles Lakers.  The 1969 NBA finals saw the Bill Russell-coached-and-led Boston Celtics defeat West’s Lakers 4-3 for Russell’s eleventh title.

Calo’s Cavs Catchup: Warriors roll Cavs to tie series 2-2


So what was it that made the Warriors roll through the Cavs in Game 4 in Quicken Loans Arena?  Was it the insertion of Andre Igoudala into the starting lineup over Andrew Bogut?  Was it the short turnaround after Game 3 and the lack of energy from the Cavs? Could it have been the Warriors are finally proving what everyone says that they are just better than the Cavs?  It’s possible that it could be a touch of them all.