10 reasons why we love varsities

What is it about the varsities tournament that you love? Is it the basketball? How about the craic? Members of The Courtside Collective have developed a list of 10 reasons why we love the annual tournament. We are already looking forward to next year – who isn’t?

1. Basketball is just the cover story.

2. Student physios

"Lads... my back is really sore... would you mind?"

3. Referees who finally make the right call… ‘Taxi’

4. Logging onto Facebook to find you’ve been tagged in 600 photos, all taken by the quiet rookie on your team.

Typically the photos aren't the most flattering

5. “Honestly, I am eligible. I’m doing a part-time bar-tending course.”

6. The Varsity ball – might as well be held in a warehouse with a carryout and an iPod dock.

At least he is still wearing his tie

7. 8-minute quarters… Feels like 10

8. Accidentally watching a ‘B’ league game

The 'B' league - where amazing seldom happens

9. You’ve made new friends but you won’t remember their name until they add you on Facebook

10. It happens every year

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s), and do not reflect in any way those of the The Courtside Collective of which he/she is a member.


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