24 second clock

Basketball is a game played to a clock, arguably more than any other sport. 5 seconds to in-bound a ball. seconds to get the ball out of the back court. 3 seconds to hang out in the key. The introduction of the shot clock changed the pace and score line of basketball world-wide.

24 seconds is the time you have to get a shot up; it’s all we need to show you what The Courtside Collective is about.



Find out more about the team and our mission.


Inspired by a childhood of watching American TV shows, Fiona jumped at the chance to join the school basketball club when the opportunity arose. Those idyllic lunch time practices were a welcome release from seemingly endless days of English, Maths and Geography. She went on to continue playing for Queen’s University Club and Varsity teams and still hasn’t left them. Fiona has been involved in various aspects of basketball life, acting as women’s Ulster League Convenor, statistician, coach, and player (though not all at the same time – she can multi-task, but that would be ridiculous).


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    • Spike

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      It must be hard on you! But it's great that you are taking this so poivitsely, and I suspect it's really a phase they all have to go through, some harder than the rest. Take care and all the best!

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