Meet the team! Irish u18 Women

The Irish u18 women are in Sarajevo for the FIBA u18 European Basketball championships so we thought we would get to know the squad a little better! We asked them all the same questions:
Favourite Basketball memory or moment:
If they had one superpower what would it be and why?
Who is the real MVP of the squad?

Check out the answers below!

Louise Scannell
Glanmire/An Gaelcholaiste Mhuire A.G
Shooting guard
Basketball Memory: Placing 7th overall in the euros and making history.

Superpower: Re do time and fix any mistakes.

Catherine is the real MVP of the u18 girls squad because she never drops her head, such a positive team mate to have on and off the court with you and always has your back!

Verity O’Connor
St Louis Secondary School Monaghan
Memory: Beating England at U16
Superpower: To be able to fly

Our parents are the real mvp of the team because they are paying for us to be here.

Aine McDonagh 
Cholaiste Chroí Mhuire gan smal
Guard/ Small forward
Memory: Winning u14 and u16 club all Ireland’s
Super Power: Split myself in 2/3 so I can be and do everything I want to

Anna is my MVP off the squad because it’s so hard to be captain like having to be concerned about everyone else and also has to worry about herself aswell and I think she balances it perfectly and she is always so positive.

Anna Maguire
Ulster Elks/Ulidia Integrated College
Point Guard
Memory: Beating England cause it’s England
Superpower: Either being able to zap myself to places such as my fridge or my bed or being able to attract things to me such as my fridge or my bed (Or being able to laugh without peeing myself.)

“Aoife” is the real MVP of the u18 girls squad because of her slick assed second name

Aoife Maguire
DCU Mercy
Virginia College
Power Forward
Moment : Beating Fr.Matthews in the 1/4 finals for national cup, we were down by 17 and came back to win by one
Super power : Steph Curry’s shooting range because then I’d know my shots were actually going to go in

“Sorcha is the real MVP of the u18 Europeans because she is supporting my chocolate biscuit addiction”

Saoirse Power-Cassidy
DCU Mercy / Holy Faith Clontarf

Memory: Winning Schools All-Ireland Title & MVP’s with my Sister

Superpower: Teleportation ~ So we didn’t have to take 3 flights to Sarajevo

Aoife ’cause she hasn’t lost the key yet

Sorcha Tiernan
Liffey Celtics/ Colaiste Chiarain

Memory: Winning the U16A All Ireland school cup last year.Superpower: Teleporting as you could travel anywhere.

“Rachel is the real MVP of the u18 girls squad because she is a pro plaiter”

 Aleksandra Macheta (Alex)
Brunell / St.Angela’s College
Shooting guard
Memory: Winning National Cup
Superpower: Time manipulation because we’d never lose

Erin is the real MVP of the u18 girls squad because she’s forever mistaken as the 13th player.

Rachel Huijsdens

DCU Mercy

Dunshaughlin Community College


Memory: Winning the Luara Brennan Tournament

Superpower: Invisibility so I could sneak around and get into everything for free

The real MVP is Amy Murphy, for picking herself up after all those falls.

Amy Murphy
SMGS Blarney
Memory: Falling flat on my face in  Luxembourg ~ attach video ?or winning national cup ??
Superpower: Psychic ~ so I can read people’s minds

Claire Melia is the real MVP of the u18 girls squad because no words needed.

Catherine Connaire
Moy Cullen
Memory: making the Irish teams and forming solid friendships along the way
Superpower:  To be able to understand/speak all languages to scope out the other teams tactics

“Louise Scannell” is the real MVP of the u18 girls squad because “she’s the original guuuuuurl”

 Claire Melia
Portlaoise Panthers
Ardscoil Rath Iomgháin
Memory: Winning the community games all Ireland final beating Moycullen by 1 point???
Superpower: Nothing I wouldn’t get my hopes up

Ciaran “no neck” Toner is the real MVP of the u18 girls squad because he works hard to get videos ready for us and  he has a great passport photo.

Erin “Fisty Pumps” Bracken
Liffey Celtics/ Colaiste Chiarain
Assistant Coach
Memory: Winning u16 A League and Cup double

Superpower: To be able to read people’s minds because I’d like to know what they’re thinking.


“Ciarán is the real MVP of the u18 girls squad because he’s a great mammy to all the girls”

Liam “Horizontal” Culloty
Tralee Imperials

Head Coach
Memory: Beating Argentina

Superpower: Wings so I can touch the net when I jump.


“Erin is the real MVP of the u18 girls squad because of her early morning gym sessions”

Ciarán “Mammys Boy” Toner
Club: Any takers?
Video Analyst
Memory: Finishing 7th at the 2015 Euros

Superpower: To be able to clip a game in 10seconds (dork)

“Liam is the real MVP of the u18 girls squad because he wears hoodies and sweatpants in 30degree heat”

Eileen “Hightower” Bradley
Team Manager
Memory: Bulls winning all 6 championships

Superpower: To be quicker, to beat all the u18 girls at a suicide

“The parents are the real MVPs of the u18 girls squad because without their support none of this would be possible”


Niall is the Co-Founder of the Courtside Collective and . He was one of the founding members of North Star in 2002. He has coached at a variety of levels from kids to senior men's teams. He is currently coach of the LYIT National League team and women's college team.

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