“I was in Ireland, where the story of the game is an epic quest for shelter.”

-Alexander Wolff, Big Game, Small World: A Basketball Adventure


The Courtside Collective seeks to redress this imbalance by giving local ballers a place to share their news, their hopes and their dreams – and maybe find a pick-up game.

Established 15th January 2012


The Courtside Collective is a media platform, catering towards the ever-growing Basketball scene in (N)Ireland.


Tony McGaharan

Tony started playing basketball when he was 11, after realising that he couldn’t kick a ball. Enjoying every opportunity to be around the game, Tony has been a player, scorekeeper, referee, coach and MC. In 2009, he coached women's basketball in Sweden for a season with the Umeå Comets (now bought over by Udominate). He then returned home and worked with PeacePlayers International, which uses the game to bring young people together from divided communities. Tony has since taken on a role in Google and has worked in Dublin and Singapore. He is now based out of London, playing for a local London D2 team, the United Nations Basketball Club.

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