Basketball Camps in Ireland

There is now a large selection of basketball camps in Ireland and The Courtside Collective have compiled a list of the top Irish basketball camps taking place in 2012. Just click the Basketball Summer Camps 2012 link on the menu bar above to visit the page.

Why are Basketball Camps Important?

Basketball camps are hugely important, especially in Ireland. In the Irish basketball system players usually do not have the same amount of practice time throughout the season as players in other countries. During the summer players now have the opportunity to attend basketball camps in Ireland and get in anywhere from 20-60 hours of basketball practice in a single week. Considering that during the season you may only get two hours in a week you can see just how important it is to attend an Irish Basketball Camp and work on your fundamentals and individual basketball skills. It is also important to remember that during the season trainings will involve a lot of team concepts on offense and defense. This is essential for coaches who want to build successful teams however it it isn’t great for developing players individual skill sets. That is why during the summer is the ideal time to work on your individual game and improve in the areas you need to most, basketball camps are the best place to help you do this.

Basketball Camps in Ireland

Action from the Irish Basketball Academy


 Basketball Camps in Ireland

We would recommend attending as many basketball camps in Ireland or abroad. Especially during the summer months in order to give yourself the best chance at improving your game. There are also basketball camps in Ireland that take place during the season. There are usually camps during mid-term breaks and around Christmas and Easter. Stay tuned to TCC in order to hear the latest news on basketball camps in Ireland and if you are running a camp make sure and let us know!

Players at Basketball Camps in Ireland

Players learning the game at North Star Basketball Camp


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