Bringing down the house

Last Wednesday, I made the trip across town to St Malachy’s College Belfast hoping to see a battle between Belfast Star and Kilkeel Knights. The last time these two teams met, Belfast Star’s depleted squad couldn’t handle the strong Lithuanian side and Kilkeel came out on top, with a convincing win (87-70).

I arrived 15 minutes late for tip-off… or so I thought. I had no idea what was going on as I entered the gym; both teams were just shooting around (casually) at their respective ends of the court. Upon first glance, it appeared the game was just delayed (for whatever reason) but when I figured it out, it was clear there was no game being played in the historic St Malachy’s gym.

Here’s why:

As it turned out, during the warm-up one of the Kilkeel players (prefers to remain anonymous – probably) was dunking it a little too hard. Apparently, this isn’t the first time the Malachy’s rim’s have been attacked. Rumour has it, Matthew Jackson (currently playing in Liverpool for John Moore’s University) has brought down the basket. To be honest, I didn’t even realise he could dunk it.

St Malachy's Broken Rim

All joking aside, I do hope that St Malachy’s are able to get the hoop fixed ASAP. It’s not particularly helpful for the St Malachy’s players who are preparing for Cup Finals at the end of the month.

On a more positive note, it is great to see that Belfast Star are able to find the funnier side of what was a disappointing incident. Not exactly sure who controls the Facebook for Belfast Star but this is classic (albeit, a little unrealistic – nothing personal, C.J.)

Status update the night of the 'attack'


Tony McGaharan

Co-founder of The Courtside Collective, Tony has been a player, scorekeeper, referee, coach and MC. A true fan of the game! In 2009, he coached women's basketball in Sweden for a season with the Umeå Comets ("Udominate"). He then returned home and worked with PeacePlayers International, which uses the game of basketball to bring young people together from divided communities. Tony has since joined Google and has worked in Dublin, Singapore, and now London. He is now working to create a new basketball league to provide a better basketball experience for ballers in central London and with the added goal of engaging young people in the sport.

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