Calo on the Cavs: why this is their year

What does it mean to be from Cleveland, Northeast Ohio?

It means that you grew up knowing what it’s like to lose the big game and the heartache of a sports town being the brunt of all national jokes.  To experience Red Right 88, The Drive, The Shot, The Mistake by the Lake, The Fumble, Jose Mesa and the Florida Marlins and to make an annual game against Michigan like getting punched in the stomach.  Hearing about how our river once burned for weeks from the pollution.  How when people ask where are you from and you say Cleveland with pride and they respond with “I’m sorry”.

Irish Colleges Basketball… What Next?

Colleges Basketball here in Ireland continues to provide an outlet for lots of our nations top young basketball players. Brian O’Malley asks, “Where does the competition go from here?”

Jordan Blount: Highlights 2015 [VIDEO]

Ireland’s very own Jordan Blount is ballin’ in the Canaries Basketball Academy. His highlight just dropped and it is tight. Blount is one of the most talented young Irish ballers to come out of this country for a long time. At 6’7, and with heaps of talent, how good can Jordan become?

Jordan Blount – Ball and Sun 24/7

Hey guys, for people who don’t know me, my name is Jordan Blount, 18 years old, from Cork. I am currently on my 3rd year away from home on a basketball scholarship. I am now on my 2nd year in the Canary Islands, Spain, after completing a year in England.

Clodagh Scannell: BU Women’s Basketball

Clodagh Scannell, Boston University: “It’s a new year, with a new staff, new team, and new philosophy. When the going gets tough… the tough gets going!”

Paul Dick : Guttentag

As some already know I am playing my first year of pro ball in Germany. Its been an alright season for our team so far, we are currently 10-7, sitting at 6th place out of 13.

Orla O’Reilly: Pro Life in Spain

Orla O’Reilly joins Paul Dick as one of our featured bloggers. She is currently playing basketball overseas as Pro in Spain.

5 Stages of Post-Varsities Blues

Recently Limerick played host to the 60th Basketball Varsities. The Courtside Collective would like to draw attention to an aspect of the tournament that is often swept under the rug… Post-Varsities Blues. Let us be a light in these dark, dark times as we take you through the 5 stages.


While some players experience this during Varsities (in particular if they believe the highly qualified referees have missed a call), it’s not unusual for a full scale meltdown to occur while preparing to rejoin normal society after the messiest weekend of the year. Warning signs to look out for include an unprecedented frustration at not being able to get all your gear back in your bag, despite the fact that you now only have approximately half of what you brought.


You’ve just pushed the human body to it’s maximum level of exhaustion. And then you played some basketball. Obviously you need to recover in the most efficient way, by eating your weight in chocolate, sleeping for 36-48 hours and watching The Lion King so you can cry without anyone judging you.

The Cure


After spending a glorious weekend playing, eating and generally living it up with your team mates, it’s only natural to miss waking up next to perhaps the only people in the world who can tell you what exactly happened last night. And where your shoes are.

Classic symptoms of post-varsities blues


We’ve all been there – the team is losing a key veteran player, someone who brings something special to the court and to the bar. The next logical step is to convince them that they should stop being so selfish and enrol for some Post Graduate study, for the good of the team.


The final stage of coping with life after Varsities, when you can look back on the good times you had, the shots you made on court and the sweet spin moves you made to the bar. A little like buying your coach a drink so that you get can get minutes the next day, going through the 5 stages is the price you pay for the Varsity experience. Same again next year.