Irish Fantasy Basketball – A Reality?

Basketball Ireland recently announced an expansion to the men’s national league with four new clubs granted a licence and an overall increase to 24 teams across 2 divisions. It was accompanied by news of some new tweaks to the format including automatic promotion and relegation and the first division splitting into north and south conferences.

Top 20 “Irish” Basketball Players

Comparing players is pointless and impossible. How do you compare the effectiveness of a 7 foot center with a 5’8″ lightning quick point guard? How do you effectively rank a player playing in NCAA basketball vs one playing in the MPL? In saying that comparing and debating players is also pretty much one of the most fun basketball debates whether it be NBA legends or local league Irish ballers.

U16 Irish Girls Head Coach Andy Gill on the European Championships

With the final Irish international squad due to depart for the Euro’s this week we talked to their head coach, Andy Gill, on his thoughts on the international programme and the upcoming European Championships.

[VIDEO] Paul Dick Shows Out In China – Secures Pro Contract for 15-16

One of the highlights of the Irish Selects recent trip to China was the standout play of Paul Dick. Although he only managed to play in 2 of the games due to a slight injury P-Dicky put on an impressive display. We caught up with him for a quick chat about the tournament and his plans for next season but first check out his China highlight reel:

Irish Club Basketball in Europe – 15 Questions about Hibernia Basketball

TCC towers were awash with excitement this morning when news broke that next season’s secondary FIBA competition, formerly known as the ULEB Cup and the FIBA Eurocup, will feature an Irish select side in the form of Hibernia Basketball, based at the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght.

100 Reasons You Know You Are an Irish Baller (Part 2, 26-50)

Here is part 2 of our run-down of the top 100 reasons how you know if you are an Irish Basketball player! If you have any to add please hit us up in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat! If you missed part 1 of our list you can check it out by clicking here.

26. You get hyped watching an Irish international team beat Russia on a Saturday afternoon! (Sorry, had to throw it in there, COYBIG!)

100 Reasons You Know You’re an Irish Basketball Player When… (Part 1)

Check out out part one of our list of how to know when you are an Irish basketball player and let us know if you have any others that might feature in parts 2 to 4! Shout out to Hoopsfix.com and their list of things that make you know when you are a British basketball player which I think originally started on the old streetball.co.uk message boards? 

1. You miss basketball not being on RTE purely because of Timmy McCarthy’s Commentary. ( Timmy Soundboard ) Boom Shack-a-lack-a!

Calo’s Cavs Catchup: Delly Ball

Lebron James Triple double comes a close second to the clutch plays of Delly

From the outskirts of Northeast Ohio to the inner city of Cleveland everybody is living and dying and then living again with the Cavs.  Last night was a roller coaster of a game in Oakland that had twists and turns to rival anything a Cedar Point roller coaster can offer.  The Cavs came out with a simple game plan…..get Lebron the ball in an attack position and let him get to the paint.  He responded in a big way scoring 10 points in the first quarter and it was obvious from the outset that the Cavs missing Kyrie just meant that the style of basketball was going to regress into a 90’s looking Knicks Heat game.  Iman Shumpert and Matthew Dellavedova a started at the guard positions and were all over Steph Curry and Klay Thompson from the outset.  Steph was obviously bothered by the Delly D and intense physicality fighting through ball screens and off ball screens to really make life difficult for the MVP.  Klay Thompson on the other hand was lights out all game.  It seemed like he made tough contested shots look routine and really kept the Warriors within striking distance. 

Calo on the Cavs: why this is their year

What does it mean to be from Cleveland, Northeast Ohio?

It means that you grew up knowing what it’s like to lose the big game and the heartache of a sports town being the brunt of all national jokes.  To experience Red Right 88, The Drive, The Shot, The Mistake by the Lake, The Fumble, Jose Mesa and the Florida Marlins and to make an annual game against Michigan like getting punched in the stomach.  Hearing about how our river once burned for weeks from the pollution.  How when people ask where are you from and you say Cleveland with pride and they respond with “I’m sorry”.