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The Courtside Collective are excited to see the best of the EFBL take on some of the most talented players currently ballin’ in Northern Ireland during the upcoming All-Star competition on the 11th May in the Kubs Arena, Dublin.

The Challenge Cup is an annual event where select teams are invited to compete against the EFBL’s finest in a friendly, but competitive, exhibition game. The EFBL has been in operation since 2009 and has done great things for improving the playing opportunities for players in and around the Dublin area.

Niall McDermott of North Star (Derry-Londonderry) has been invited to coach the Northern Ireland select team, which includes former La Fayette (USA) guard, Jim Mower, one of the most prolific scorers in the BNI National League this past season with the Ulster Elks. The NI team is being managed by Dave Cullen, coach of the Belfast Stormers.

On the EFBL side, Dave Baker, of Dublin Thunder, will be coaching the All-Star side, which is stacked with talent. Led by dominant big man, Tamušauskas, and a variety of other talented big men, the EFBL team will no doubt be looking to exploit their size in the post against the smaller NI side.

Dave Baker talks about the upcoming game below….

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EFBL All-Stars: 

01. Mindaugas Tamušauskas (Legion LT, Lithuania)
02. Mikey Muller (Thunder BC, United States)
03. Audrius Urbanavičius (Cavan United, Lithuania)
04. Dejuan Flowers (Thunder BC, United States)
05. Artūras Jazminskas (Extreme BC, Lithuania)
06. Laimonas Jonaitis (InterBullets BC, Lithuania)
07. Michael Goj (Thunder BC, Poland)
08. Remigijus Dimičiukas (Legion LT, Lithuania)
09. Kevin Lacey (Thunder BC, Ireland)
10. Audrius Dimičiukas (Legion LT, Lithuania)
11. Isaac Westbrooks (Thunder BC, Ireland)
12. Eimantas Kumpys (Drogheda United, Lithuania)
13. Jabari Trotter (Thunder BC, United States)

NI Select:

01. Jim Mower (Ulster Elks, USA)
02. Matt Graves (Ulster Elks, USA)
03. Paddy McGaharan (Ulster Elks, NI)
04. Michael McKillop (Belfast Star, NI)
05. Connor Johnson (Belfast Star, NI)
06. Scottie Summersgill (Andytown Tigers, England)
07. Paul Dick (Lisburn Phoenix, NI)
08. Daryl Harkin (North Star, NI)
09. Keelan Cairns (UPenn, NI)
10. Mike Calo (Belfast Star, USA)


What is the EFBL?

“EFBL (European Friendly Basketball League) is a relatively new league, which was established in 2009. It is aimed at uniting all the different nationalities living in Ireland in one league for a purpose of playing basketball. EFBL league provides an opportunity for people from all countries to join basketball teams and play. It is especially aimed at those who do not have the option of playing in the highest league in Ireland.

EFBL has its own logo and regulations.

The main purpose of the league, which is based in Dublin, is to promote basketball and an active way of living. It also focuses on attracting spectators to come to the games. The league also organises tournaments in Dublin, nominating the best EFBL teams and players.

The EFBL had 10 teams this season, with the top 3 teams splitting a €2000 cash prize

The EFBL is constantly creating new events each season, such as: the EFBL ALL Stars Day; Challenge Cup; Embassy Cup. Other teams from other leagues are often invited to participate in these competitions.

The EFBL league is open to every team in the country to participate – there are no any players restrictions. The EFBL uses FIBA live score and full detailed statistics on every player who participates in our league are recorded.

The EFBL has only one fixed fee which covers referee’s payments and prizes for the best players of each season.

Every year we have an annual social event – “EFBL Awards night.”  We have some serious awards for players like “Center of the Year”, and some less serious awards like “Referee of the Year,” “Photo of the Year,” and many more (over 15 awards all together).

EFBL also participating in international basketball events, where giving a chance to EFBL teams, or XL team to play in international tournaments, also organizing international friendly matches.

We are the only one league in Dublin (and perhaps the country), who has the official season structure: Regular Season, Playoffs and Final-4 games.

The EFBL Challenge Cup 2013 is our newest project, where we want to give a chance to our amateur league players to play against talented pro, semi-pro, or select teams. Our aim is not simply to win the game but to show that EFBL care about players, basketball, and projects such as the Challenge Cup.

EFBL is a non-profit organization, where all profits are given back to the players in a variety of ways.” – EFBL

Check out more from the EFBL online at http://www.efbl.ie/ and ‘like’ their Facebook by clicking here


Tony McGaharan

Co-founder of The Courtside Collective, Tony has been a player, scorekeeper, referee, coach and MC. A true fan of the game! In 2009, he coached women's basketball in Sweden for a season with the Umeå Comets ("Udominate"). He then returned home and worked with PeacePlayers International, which uses the game of basketball to bring young people together from divided communities. Tony has since joined Google and has worked in Dublin, Singapore, and now London. He is now working to create a new basketball league to provide a better basketball experience for ballers in central London and with the added goal of engaging young people in the sport.

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