Free heart screening in Jordanstown

We all know how important it is to keep a healthy ticker… Cardiac Risk in Young people (CRY) and Philips have teamed up together to offer a free national screening service. They will be visiting the University of Ulster, Jordanstown campus, on Saturday 18th February. Simply go online (click here) to book an appointment and show up on the day for a free screening. Read more about the service below:


The CRY Philips Test My Heart Tour was the first free tour of its kind in England and has been made possible by charity CRY, health and well-being company Philips, through the fund raising efforts of families whose lives have been affected by Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) or Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), and the Gwyneth Forrester Trust.

The tour tested over 2,500 14-35 year old’s hearts to identify heart conditions which could potentially prove fatal if left untreated.

Philips donated state of the art ECG and ECHO imaging systems to equip the mobile screening unit on its tour across England. Health and wellness for the patient are at the heart of all Philips’ medical technologies.

Philips’ Advanced Heart Monitoring equipment is designed around the needs of patients and healthcare providers to ensure that tests are as efficient and relaxing as possible.

In partnership with CRY, Philips’ goal is to help more families understand the simple steps that can be taken to try to reduce the number of SDS deaths.

“We are honoured to be supporting such a pioneering project with an amazing charity. With our breakthrough imaging technology, we are committed to helping supply screening support for the doctors and specialists working with the young people and their families in the CRY programme. We are proud of the human benefit that the Philips technology can bring, that is the real showcase of simplicity.”

Peter Maskell, chairman Philips UK.




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