Hilarious blooper…


Matthew Sharpe is one of the nicest guys on the Ulster Elks basketball team. Coach Pat O’Neill has looked to ‘Sharpey’ on a number of occasions this season, relying on the young forward to step up in the absence of the injured Conor O’Dornan and Damien Gallagher. After seeking approval from Sharpey to put this video up, The Courtside Collective are proud to present one of the finest blooper clips we have ever seen [Editor: I have watched it 11 times and laughed every single time].Here it is:


The Courtside Collective would like to thank Conor O’Dornan for capturing this priceless moment on camera and we would also like to acknowledge Matthew Sharpe: a tremendous player with a positive attitude. Thank-you, Sharpey!



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  1. Paddy McG says:

    What an athlete! So nimble and light on his feet!

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  2. Paddy McG says:

    In fairness to sharpey I did see a sniper in the crowd. Think he got him good.

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  3. Niall McDermott says:

    I’m actually really impressed that he managed to catch the ball and retain possession!

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