An Hour of Greatness

Often online I’ll end up on YouTube  watching a random, short and usually stupid video. As soon as it finishes, I’ll click on another of the recommended videos that catches my eye.


15 minutes later… I’ll look up realise it’s actually 2 hours later and I’ve wasted a good solid portion of my day going down a never ending YouTube wormhole of video after video.

But sometimes you strike gold, you come a cross a video that really is worth watching and you feel like the time spent watching wasn’t a total waste. Watching this Wilt Chamberlain video was one of these times. Someone has taken the time to carefully craft together an hour of the limited footage that exists of the big man into an expertly edited video designed to show you just how much of an incredible force he was on the court.

Take the time to watch, you won’t regret it!


Niall is the Co-Founder of the Courtside Collective and . He was one of the founding members of North Star in 2002. He has coached at a variety of levels from kids to senior men's teams. He is currently coach of the LYIT National League team and women's college team.

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