I know it’s not your fault Ricky…

Lord knows being a basketball fan in Ireland can be tough at times. Games start in the middle of the night and co-workers and friends look at you with a mixture of bemusement and bewilderment (“Oh yeah, basketball, Michael Jordan…”) whenever you bring the subject up.

But the worst thing is the disconnect from the basketball world. No one at the water cooler is talking about the latest drama surrounding the or Kobe taking 96 shots the night before. Unless you’ve got a trip to Canada or the States planned, you’re pretty much at the mercy of the internet and that Nike outlet in Antrim if you want to do any shopping for kicks or whatnot.

So that brings me to Ricky Rubio. Like most NBA fans, I’ve been taken in by his game, passing skills and marvelous hair. With this in mind, I’d thought I’d head to NBA.com and buy me a Wolves 9 Rubio jersey T-shirt, cause I’m fresh like that. The shirt cost $24.99 and I figured shipping would be around the $10-15 range, especially when I got an ad telling that shipping more most items started at $12. All in all, a fair deal. So imagine my surprise when this popped up…


I did not proceed to checkout


Yep. $63 for one T-shirt. Isn’t this mental? What’s an international handling fee? Have you had any similar experiences? And if you’re heading Stateside anytime soon…


Colm is a journalist and hoops junkie. He played in high school for the Archbishop O’Leary (Edmonton, Alberta) Spartans. Since then, he has graced the rosters of noted men’s league teams such as the Avenue Pizza Fogduckers and the Belfast Tropics. He has contributed to a number of publications and websites ranging from The Irish News to The Basketball Jones and currently lives in Belfast, where he works as a sub-editor for the Irish Mirror and contributes to the Daily Mirror’s basketball blog.

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