Irish Ballers Abroad – Oisin Kerlin at Barking Abbey

Former Omagh Thunder and Belfast Star baller Oisin Kerlin has been plying his trade in London now for almost 2 years at the prestigious Barking Abbey Basketball Academy. 

The 1996 born Irish player has been part of the Ireland set up since he was 14 and recently represented Ireland at the European championships. At 6’8″ Kerlin poises an intimidating presence on the court and feels the two years at Barking have really helped him develop his game.

Going to barking definitely has improved me as a player as I’ve become a better shooter and increased my athleticism which in turn has helped my defence a lot. I have also got stronger so overall it has definitely been worth it. 

The improvement can be seen by the fact that the Tyrone man has posted a few double double games in the Men’s division one league, a league that former Barking team mate Paddy Lyons rates as “slightly better standard than the Irish Premier League“. Want some evidence of his improvement? Check out his official highlight mixtape:

It’s been a largely positive season for the player and team thus far. In the league the team only have one loss on their resume and they have already managed to avenge that defeat to Worthing. Kerlin is especially proud of that win “Personally the game away against worthing would be a high because it was by a point and they had beaten us early in the season by a point.”  They were also happy to reach the Trophy quarter final despite the fact it ended in a heart breaking, last second, game winning basket by on of the Bradford Dragons imported Americans.

Kerlin is hoping that the USA will be his next stop. He has just started to contact Colleges in the states and if is hopeful of receiving some offers. Even if that does not materialse he still plans to go to the USA and play at least one year of Junior College ball in order to pursue his NCAA dreams.

I feel confident I could do well at maybe a low d1 school and certainly a d2 school. I’m starting to email university’s now and if the worst happens ill do a year in a juco and take it from there.


Author: Niall McDermott is the co-founder of The Courtside Collective and owner of You can reach him on Twitter @nzamcdza


Niall is the Co-Founder of the Courtside Collective and . He was one of the founding members of North Star in 2002. He has coached at a variety of levels from kids to senior men's teams. He is currently coach of the LYIT National League team and women's college team.

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