Lakers Season Recapped

Last week the San Antonio Spurs ended what will go down as one of the most disappointing seasons in the Hollywood franchise’s history.

Frustration has been the key word of the season for LA and the manner of their defeat sums it all up, being swept on their own floor.   With 21 turnovers, Dwight Howard getting ejected and a stack of injuries crippling the Lakers starting five, the Lakers lost 103-82.

Could Dwights ejection be his last on court action for the Lakers?

Could Dwights ejection be his last on court action for the Lakers?

Flashback to August 10th, 2012: Los Angeles sign Dwight Howard and the Lakers seemed to be obvious favourites for the championship this year. Dwight was joining teaming up with Kobe, Gasol and Steve Nash and it seemed so straightforward that they would find a system that worked.

The season started poorly, continued poorly and even though they resurrected some form after the All-Star weekend, were still underachieving. Through the will power and individual abilities of Kobe and Dwight, the Lakers hobbled into the playoffs on the final day of the regular season.

In a season where every single starter was injured at some point, there was very little room for success. Steve Nash had an injury-plagued season and never really showed why he is a two-time MVP. Howard battled with his back injury all season and never got to the peak of his game, despite a heroic effort.

Kobe injured

Can Kobe be a force again in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant once again carried the brunt of the load for his franchise, and it proved to be too heavy for the aging star. His season ended abruptly as he tore his Achilles with two remaining games against the Warriors, having barely been benched for the previous couple of games.

From now the speculation will begin over Dwight’s future. He is set to spend the next few weeks deciding whether to stay with LA or move on, and another summer of uncertainty is set to revolve around the big man.

For the Lakers they will be as sad to get eliminated as happy to finally put this season in the rear view mirror. As they look to next season, something will have to change in order for the Yellow and Purple to retake its city, let alone the title they lost in 2011.


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