New proposal addresses player eligibility of Non-EU residents

BREAKING NEWS: Basketball Ireland has notified clubs of a significant proposal from the Senior Games Management Board (SGMB) that would change the game for all. The proposal would create a new category of player (2A) that would allow players who are studying or working in Ireland (non-professional athletes) to compete in the recently re-branded Basketball League of Ireland.


Dear Clubs,

Please see below in relation to the proposed changes to the regulations for the Senior Men’s Game 2013-2014.

The SGMB are seeking the club’s views on the proposed changes as outlined in Items 1 & 2 via email by close of business Wednesday 7th August. Item 3 Work Permits is for information purposes for teams in the Premier League and should be a big help in resolving the difficulties in obtaining a Work Permit.

1. Proposed: Alteration to Category 2.

A new Category 2A player category be created for Non EU/EEA students or Non EU/EEA workers, who are resident in the island of Ireland . A team shall be allowed have one Category 2 and one Category 2A on court at any one time or two Category 2A on court at any one time(a team shall not be allowed two Category 2 players on court at the same time). A maximum of two players from these categories will be permitted to be on the scoresheet for any game.

Basketball Ireland

Last year, TCC’s Andrew Sanders tackled the issue of eligibility in an in-depth article that featured an interview with one of Ireland’s premier American basketball stars, Jermaine Turner, who settled in Ireland after meeting his wife, Leesa. Turner, a longstanding player for Killester in Dublin, has been forced to play as an Category 2 player on-court despite being a resident in Ireland for over a decade. The list goes on…. Check the article out here for more.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that this proposal will help the game or hurt it?

Start the discussion below and let’s help keep the spotlight on this important issue!

Turner looks on during a time-out

Turner looks on during a time-out during a game early last season (2012-2013)


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