Olympic Video Palooza! Dunks, Ankle Breakers, Buzzer Beaters and a Ball Tap!

No proper recap today – all you need to know is that the quarter finals will be on Wednesday and it will be an awesome day of basketball with three grudge matches lined up! The schedule is as follows:

2pm – Russia v Lithuania

4.15pm – Spain v France

8pm – Brazil v Argentina

10.15 – USA v Australia

Loads of videos to get through! Firstly the best ankle breaker from the Olympics that you HAVEN’T seen! Shona Thorburn goes behind the back with the crossover and breaks Samantha Richards ankles leaving her on her back!

Next up we have the Play of the Day when Patty Mills hits the three point, buzzer beating, game winner when the boomers upset Russia:

USA v Argentina was a great game for so many reasons but mainly because so much weird stuff was happening, like this Andre Iguodala Dunk. Iggy throws it down and . . . well just watch the video!

Kobe Bryant gets called for charge, pats ref on the ass and smiles, vintage Kobe!

Russell Westbrook had the dunk of the day with this HUGE poster and Kevin Durant approves!

We also had some quality Gifs from the USA v Argentina game. Chris Paul had earlier taken a shot at Facundo Campazzao and at the end of the third he went for the ball-tap on Carmelo as he shot, and made, the three. Not quite the Olympic spirit on display here!

Carmelo ball tapped!


This game was actually very close in the first half but then Kevin Durant went postal (8/10 from deep) and topped it off with this ridiculous long range bomb:


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