Paul Dick: ‘Pre-Season is tough over here!’

I’m back in America after a short visit home, which was great. A big shout-out to Mike Calo and Paddy Junior McGaharan for training with me for the past month.

“I’m excited to see what I can do…”

Pre season is tough over here! We have 7am conditioning every morning, which is consists of us doing the insanity workout. I don’t know if they have it at home but it’s basically involves watching this monster on a screen doing an hour long workout that’s pretty much non-stop. Then we have team lifting with some individual workouts during the day and then pick-up games at night! Pick-up’s great because our coach made a rule defense calls fouls – I haven’t committed one foul in three weeks! I might have to start being a little more generous though because one of the guys on our team knocked out another because he wasn’t calling anything! [Editor: Ouch]

After not playing a full season for two years, I’m really excited to play this year. Now that I’m healthy, I’m ready to give it 100% and really see what I can do. We have 9/11 players returning this season. Last season, our team was ranked number one in our region, won the conference regular season and was ranked 24th in the country. So, there are big expectations on us this year. We’re starting the season off with a scrimmage against the Ivy league team Monmouth. So, that should be interesting to see how many we spank a D1 team by! Haha. I’m joking! It’ll be a nice challenge to have but it’s a pity we weren’t playing a different ivy league team like UPenn. Then I could play against the infamous Keelan Cairns!

I’ll definitely be putting up a lot more posts this year to keep you updated on how the team is doing and maybe I’ll even get the TCC shirt that was ‘posted’ last September! [Editor: Royal Mail have been contacted regarding this misplaced package. Stay strong, Paul]


Paul was the first player featured on The Courtside Collective; he is currently one of only two players from N.I. playing college basketball in the USA. Paul attends Franklin Pierce, a Division 2 school in New England, and is on a full scholarship. He spent last year as a ‘red-shirt’, missing out on an entire season due to a serious foot injury. This year he is back in action and the sky is the limit for the former St Malachy’s College baller. We are happy to have Paul onboard as a regular contributor.

Read Paul’s bio at Franklin Pierce


Paul Dick is currently living in Germany playing his first year of professional basketball. After a spell in America riddled with injury Paul is reviving his career one year at a time.....and doing it in style too!


  1. Puff Summers

    / Reply

    First off, I’m on that Insanity joint right now, and it’s no freaking joke. Secondly, Monmouth is not in the Ivy League!!!! Thirdly, when is Paul gonna come workout with your boy??? Every time I see him he’s been in a walking boot! Go get it, young fella! All I hear is positives about you!

  2. Mistake Police

    / Reply

    Monmouth play in the NEC not the Ivy League

    Big difference in academic standard between those conferences

  3. Paddy

    / Reply

    I was wondering when the next Paul Dick edition was going to be uploaded. After all this website is dedicated to him 😉

    Go get it kidd

  4. Paul Dick

    / Reply

    My Bad its Dartmouth were playing! The publisher needs to check its sources! I’ll have to give you a shout when i’m back next summer @Puff!

  5. Keelan Cairns

    / Reply

    I was going to call you out on the ivy reference, but I feel like you already got the point. But, if your team is anything as good as you say you will beat Dartmouth!

  6. Paul Dick

    / Reply

    Were were Darthmouth in the league last year?We beat Princeton my freshman year they year they won the Ivy league. I think Penn might be scared!!!!

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