Rasheed Wallace Video Bombs Kyle Singler

Rasheed didn’t play in London but we still got to see some of why he is such a memorable NBA player.

I was delighted when Rasheed Wallace signed with the Knicks and came back into the league this year. One of the more colourful characters to ever play the game, Rasheed will be remembered not only for his great (and some would say underused)  talent but also a copious amount of on, and off, court ‘incidents’. From his “Both teams played hard” press conference, to holding the NBA record for technical fouls in a season, Rasheed didn’t waste much time giving us another memorable and hilarious moment this season after being ejected for screaming “Ball don’t Lie”.

Out of all the players at the O2 Arena, Rasheed was the one we wanted to talk to. But as he is not always keen in doing interviews, and with everyone looking to speak with him, it was tough to get him one-on-one. We didn’t get to speak to him at the Wednesday media session but spotted him on Thursday at the shoot around and approached him asking could we ask him just a few questions. His reply to our request was classic ‘sheed “Only if it’s not the same boring ass questions I was asked yesterday”.

Video will be up soon featuring interviews with all the players and you can find out their views on what a possible London Franchise would be called, swag and TV, of course.

As he is still inactive, Rasheed wasn’t doing any of the post-game press but we still managed to have another small Rasheed moment at the post-game mix zone. We were in the huddle speaking with Kyle Singler when Rasheed walked past and video bombed Singler shouting “North Carolina” as he walked past (Rasheed being a former Tar Heel was having a dig at Singler’s Duke roots). I don’t even think anyone else in the huddle even noticed Rasheed, although you can see Singler try to keep a straight face. I realise this is the sort of thing that ‘sheed probably does every 15-minutes but it was cool to be there in person for one of these small ‘sheed moments in what could be the final season for one of the NBA’s most unique players.



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