Ireland u16 Women – Meet the Squad!

 Name: Abby Flynn

School/club: St Angela’s / Wildcats

Position: Point guard

Favourite basketball player? Andy gill

Favourite memory from your time on this team? Andy falling in the snow in Belarus

Favourite thing about the team? Everyone’s so close on and off the court

Most embarrassing moment on a basketball court? Air balling a free throw

If you could be any member of the team for a day who would it be and why? Kellie Mc Cabe because she’s a LEGEND

Who on the team would be voted off big brother first and why? Who would win it?

Ciara White because she has OCD and wouldn’t be able to handle the mess of the people on it!

Anna Lynch would win it

Why they love this game…

I have been coaching the Queen’s U16A girl’s team for two seasons and, although sometimes they push me to the edge of sanity, they are a terrific group of young women. They are hard-working at practice, competitive in every game, and know how to have a good laugh off-court. See for yourself:



Does your team love this game?

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