TCC’s top 10 – it could be you!

McGaharan (Ulster Elks) takes on David Wilson (Down Tropics)

Every year at The Courtside Collective we will be counting down our top 10 BNI plays of the year (that get caught on camera). So whatever local game you’re at – get recording! It can be a play from a game at any level and at the end of the season the TCC team will decide on our Top-10. These  plays will go to a public vote with the winning player and the person who filmed the footage winning an exclusive TCC T-Shirt and other goodies.

Here is a short clip of two plays that could be already in the running; Seamus Hickey hitting a high-arcing, buzzer beating three-pointer and North Star’s Bencze Mate with the sweet behind the back pass. Let us know what you think in the comments!





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  3. Paddy McG

    / Reply

    I think Rory had his “hands up” a bit too much on this play as he lost his man backdoor!!

  4. Dick

    / Reply

    If only they had Matts dunk against Trinity…NASSSTY

  5. Niall McDermott

    / Reply

    Anyone video that dunk?? Send us footage!

  6. Paul Dick

    / Reply

    Its on Youtube is it not?

  7. The Dick

    / Reply

    No, it was recently, however they did get the alley oop dunk at the Star-elks game!

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