Top 30 Moments of the Year, Numbers 20-16

Missed parts 1 and 2? What’s your problem!? Check them out here and here. Now on with the next part of the run down…

20. Disc! Why can’t you just say Disc!?

Something strange was going on in the NBA this year, something very strange, and it all involved the word disc or perhaps, more accurately, didn’t involve the word disc. It all started in January when the Charlotte Observer reported that Baron Davis had suffered what sounded like the most painful injury in NBA history. So ok, that report was hilarious, but it can be put down to a simple typo. Well the story gets a bit stranger when this NBA report was broadcast in March:



Ok so the same ridiculous mistake made twice in one, shortened, season could still be a weird coincidence, right? But what if that same mistake was made again, a third time? “No way” I hear you say, well yes way friends, courtesy of Andy Katz reporting live at the NBA draft:


19. Star Boys Beat the Buzzer

In the space of just a couple of weeks we managed to have two buzzer beating baskets from Belfast Star. Only one of the shots was caught on camera as we managed to capture the moment Scottie Summersgill’s shot off one foot took Star into overtime versus Killester. Michael McKillop’s turn around, three point, fade away three to beat North Star will live long in the mind and go down in the annals of Basketball Northern Ireland history but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint!) this one happened off camera. With Star not in the Superleague this year we are happy to have this moment immortalised in film, check it out:



18. A.J. Price is a Weirdo

Ok so you thought number 20 was weird? Well AJ Price says you ain’t seen nothing yet! This video popped up in March and since then I’ve tried everywhere online (ok, a couple of google searches) to find an explanation  for what the hell A.J. Price was doing. It has been suggested that he may be just video bombing Hansbrough, but if that is the case then how would he even know that the camera is even on them? Anyone know whats going on? Answers on a postcard!


17. That Awkward Moment When . . .

I can hardly watch this, when i do it feels like my head is going to explode, it is one of the most awkward sports interviews you are ever likely to see. Reports had been coming out in the press that Dwight Howard had asked the Orlando management to fire Stan Van Gundy, a few days later at practice Stan Van gives this interview where he confirms the reports and confirms that management have informed him that it is indeed true. Cue the big friendly giant, Dwight Howard, gate crashing the interview putting his arm around Stan and making jokes about how it is all nonsense. Little did Howard know that Van Gundy had just confirmed the reports and after Stan quickly exits the huddle we are treated to a fantastic array of awkward facial expressions from Howard as he blatantly lies his way through the questions. Awkward….



16. Linsanity!

The man that spawned a thousand puns, the Jeremy Lin story led to an extraordinary few weeks this season. Whenever a basketball player has President Obama talking about him and has featured articles in Time magazine you know that his story is about more than making some jump shots. I’m not too sure where to even start with this; The consecutive huge performances? The Asian factor? The trade and its fallout? The injury and decision not to return in the playoffs? The couch!? The story had so many elements to it that I couldn’t even start to give it justice in the limited space I have here. Check out Andrew Sanders pieces that he wrote during the Linsanity explosion here and here and know this – Jermny Lin will be a starting All-Star for at least the next seven or eight years!

Jeremy Lin








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