Top 30 Moments of the Year, Numbers 25-21


Missed Part I of our rundown? Then check it out here otherwise let’s get going with part II!

25. Nasty Pop

Gregg Popovich zinging NBA  reporters was nothing new this year – he has been doing it since he came into the league – but with the increase in NBA coverage, blogs and social media, every one line comeback is now getting reported. By the end of the season, Popovich had made himself into the most quotable man in the NBA (Which is some feat in a league that includes Stephen Jackson). His most famous quote – probably because it was during a key time of huge playoff game – was during a huddle and he asked for the Spurs to show him some “Nasty”.  This led TNT to make up this little highlight video which is well worth checking out:



My favourite Pop quote wasn’t actually in the video above, it wasn’t caught on camera and was just reported in the print media,  it came about when he was asked about the “keys to the game” when playing against the Jazz;

Popovich: Did you ask me that last night? Say whatever you want. It’s transition D. It’s making shots. Don’t turn it over. It’s all bullshit. Have more points than they do, that’s the key. Just make it up and say I said it. I don’t care.


 24. Chris Bosh’s AMAZING Playoff run of Weirdness

Chris Bosh missed a sizable chunk of the Heat’s playoff run due to abdominal strain but he more than made up for his absence with his wacky antics. Chris Bosh has always been a bit of a weirdo (he was just off the radar in Toronto) and at the start of the year we had the first indication that this could be a breakout season for him when he decided to go for one of the most ridiculous photo-shoots you will see from a professional athlete. When it came to playoff time Chris Bosh went into viral MVP mode as he did everything he could to get attention for everything except playing basketball. It all started after game two of the first round when he went into classic Bosh mode and videobombed LeBron’s Post game interview:



He was at again later in the same round this time hijacking Dwyane Wade’s interview.


Chris Bosh Clownin

Chris Bosh – Serial Videobomber


We have already covered Bosh’s hilarious inability to complete high fives during the playoffs and Chris even managed to get himself noticed from the bench when he was out injured by wearing peach trousers and pulling ridiculous faces like this:



But Mr. Bosh saved his best for the NBA Finals when after winning the championship (and heckling his own coach at the post game press conference) he gave us this image to remember him by. I’m saying nothing.


Chris Bosh, ah…….. Chris Bosh folks!


Magic Johnson, one of the all time greats.

23. TCC On The Map

When we started this website we weren’t exactly sure of what we were doing or how best to do it.  What we did know is that we had a passion for basketball and wanted to promote the sport. What we didn’t know is that we would get a chance to speak too one of the legends of the game twice in our first few months. This was an amazing experience! Check out our interviews with Magic Johnson by clicking here for the first one (About All-Star game and upcoming Olympics) and here for the second interview. (Which took place during the NBA Finals.)

22. The Dream Team Documentary

Following on nicely from number 23 is the Dream Team Documentary, if you are a basketball fan then you have to watch this – it’s as simple as that. If you haven’t seen it yet then clear an hour out of your life, click here, and watch it.


The Dream Team Documentary – Must Watch TV!

21. Phantom of the Opera NBA

One of the best investments the NBA made was the ‘Phantom’ camera and last year it gave us our first full season of highlights. With the ability to make the ordinary look amazing in super slow HD. This camera makes the amazing look, i don’t know, super amazing? Just YouTube search “NBA Phantom” for countless videos and check out this 2011/12 season mix:



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