Top 30 Moments of the Year: Numbers 30-26

Ok, so this list isn’t really the “Top” basketball moments from this past season and it wouldn’t be correct to describe it as the best moments or even my favourite moments. The most appropriate way to describe it would possibly be as the most memorable moments from last year. That means instead of the usual mix of the best plays and top stories, this list will have some of the more obscure, ridiculous and downright weird stories from the basketball world. So without further ado check out numbers 30-26, let us know what you think in the comments and check back soon for the rest of the rundown.

30. Kevin Garnet and the Celtics in a Bar Fight

Most NBA players give terrible courtside interviews, some manage to give interesting interviews, Kevin Garnet doesn’t do interviews, he just shouts random stuff at the interviewer and talks about Bar Fights.


29. The Crazy World of Andrew Bynum

As Dwight Howard was quickly becoming one of my least favourite NBA players last season, Andrew Bynum was moving up my list of likable players. Howard is so contrived and so disingenuous, every time he speaks you get the sense that what he says is so considered and planned, to try and elicit a positive response and have people think that he is an affable and pleasant guy. He is obsessed with his public image and his brand and I have enjoyed his epic PR downfall. Andrew Bynum is exact opposite, a pretty weird guy who doesn’t give a …. what you think of him, he doesn’t care what the media or public thinks of him, he doesn’t care what Kobe or his teammates think of him and he doesn’t even care what his coach Mike Brown or the Lakers coaching staff thought of him. He does his thing, his way, and that’s that. Which is great when “his thing” consists of moments like shooting transition threes early in the shot clock in a close game, getting benched for it, laughing about it on the bench then saying post game that he doesn’t care and will do it again.

Another of “his things” include regularly refusing to take part in time out huddles because he wants to “get his zen on”.


I have a feeling that Bynum and the patient and undemanding Philly fans will be a match made in heaven this year…


28. Matthew Sharpe – Mad Skills

Ok so the Sharpey “blooper” video may have earned him some stick for his embarrassing fall but I would like to salute this young Elk for the tremendous skills that he showed. He actually makes the catch and then completes the pass, not an easy thing to do whilst looking absolutely ridiculous after breaking your own ankles!

27. Xavier Gangsters Zip Up Cincy Bearcats

Since the Malice in the Palace the NBA have stamped down heavily on fighting and security has been stepped up at most sports events so scenes like those at the end of the Xavier Cincinnati game are less and less common. What did we learn from this brawl?

  • Yancy Gates throws a mean right hook
  • NEVER call out a Xavier player before a game, especially on Twitter!
  • Kenny Frease loves to celebrate, even after being punched to the ground and stomped on before having to crawl away
  • Whoever was in charge of Xavier’s PR and let those players speak in the post game presser is probably no longer in a job.

Zip em up lads!


And here is the post game press conference, so many great quotes from this and the first couple of questions and answers in this video are, well,  just watch the video and see!



26. Carlos Boozers Hair

Carlos Boozer is a two time all-star and has represented the USA at two Olympics, yet when you type his name into Google the top three related words are “acne”, “hair” and “amnesty”. . .  There is not much else to say here, no one really knew what was going on, but what the hell man?

Carlos Boozer Hair






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