About Us

The Courtside Collective was established in 2012 to offer Irish basketball fans an engaging forum where the best writers from Irish basketball would cover the sport across Ireland and internationally.

The Courtside Collective is accredited by the National Basketball Association, BBL , Basketball Ireland and the Euroleague and has covered multiple NBA UK games, two NBA finals series and an NBA All Star Game. It has conducted interviews with several NBA superstars and WNBA stars.

However, TCC’s main focus is on domestic hoops in Ireland. It has featured game reports and long form discursive articles. We want to be a forum for people to express views and opinions on the game in Ireland and foster debate on how it should be improved.

The Courtside Collective runs an annual Summer League, a mixed social basketball league that draw participation from across Northern Ireland. We have also hosted one off events such as the NI All-Star game.

The Courtside Collective is committed to the advancement of Irish basketball and is proud to represent the Irish basketball community at events across the world:


NBA All-Star weekend (Houston, 2013)

All Star 2013 Houston - Tony and Andrew

Above: Co-Founder, Tony McGaharan, and Editor-in-Chief, Andrew Sanders

Below: Steph Curry being interviewed with our TCC mic

Steph Curry


Team GB vs USA (2014)

LeBron USA Dunk

Above: LeBron throwing it down while Deng trails behind in Team GB vs USA friendly in Manchester

Below: Marc Mulholland, a key contributor to TCC, on the sidelines with his camera

Marc Mulholland USA GB


NBA London (2013, 2014, & 2015)


Above: Baron Davis and our Co-Founder, Niall McDermott, at NBA London (2014)

Below: Former NBA Coach Dave Hopla (who once played in Ireland) and TCC’s John Wynne (2014)

Dave Hopla John Wynne

The ESPN All-Star event (2013)


Above: 5’11 David Durkan wins Dunk Competition

Below: All-Stars were selected via online vote from across NI Premier League teams

ESPN All-Star 2013


Wingfoot Summer League (2013 & 2014)

Wingfoot Blue Team

Above: Players were drafted by ‘team captains’

Below: Players were invited to an Official Draft Night to find out their teams

Wingfoot Green Team