100 Reasons You Know You’re an Irish Basketball Player When… (Part 1)

Check out out part one of our list of how to know when you are an Irish basketball player and let us know if you have any others that might feature in parts 2 to 4! Shout out to Hoopsfix.com and their list of things that make you know when you are a British basketball player which I think originally started on the old streetball.co.uk message boards? 

1. You miss basketball not being on RTE purely because of Timmy McCarthy’s Commentary. ( Timmy Soundboard ) Boom Shack-a-lack-a!

2. You show up to a school game and see the other team exclusively wearing GAA socks and asics trainers and you just know it’s gonna be a long game.

3. You’re on the bench because your coach is in the starting 5.

4.  If you have been to Varsities then… you know.

Varsities. Enough said.

Varsities. Enough said.

5. You are friends with Puff Summers on Facebook.

6. You have an in depth knowledge of condensation, what causes it and how to prevent it and your non-basketball friends have no idea why.

7. When the game ball gets stuck on the rim you have to go get a second ball to knock it loose because there is no one on court athletic enough to jump and tip it free.

8. You know at least one referee that calls every euro step as a travel.

9. You have to pay to play.

10. At least one member of your team doesn’t have a matching kit.

11. The first thing people ask you when you say you play basketball is ‘can you do a slam dunk ?’

12. 25% of learning how to play basketball at school involved doing “foot fire”.

13. You know that on an outdoor Adidas rim if you don’t swish it, its just not going in.

14. You have probably played with or against Jimmy Ward at some stage. #toomanyteams 

Jimmy gets around!

Jimmy gets around!

15. Your team has went to a basketball game with no basketballs and had to sheepishly ask the opposition to borrow some.

16. You went to a summer basketball camp but basketball wasn’t the reason.

17. Your starting centre is 6’2″.

18. You are falling asleep at school/college/uni/work from staying up until 5am watching the NBA.

19. The refs in your games seem to be more preoccupied with making sure your shirt is tucked in and that your leg sleeve isn’t too long as opposed to you actually committing a foul.

20. You read one of Puffs’ motivational Facebook posts and think to yourself “He is right and now I know what it takes now to get my game to the next level”. Then you put on Netfilx and eat a Mars bar.

21. Your time outs frequently have nothing to do with X and O’s but instead involve repeated phrases such as “Our defense is crap” and “We need to move the ball on offense”.

22. You have no chance of being any kit number other than 4-15.

23. You have at least one member of your team that looks like they have never picked up a basketball before.

24. You hear that you have a new player coming to training or a rec so you ask have they played much before. They respond “well I used to play in school” and you instantly know they are going to be terrible.

25. You love playing in the Parochial Hall.


Niall is the Co-Founder of the Courtside Collective and www.BasketballDirect.com . He was one of the founding members of North Star in 2002. He has coached at a variety of levels from kids to senior men's teams. He is currently coach of the LYIT National League team and women's college team.

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